Connection information

To create, modify or delete your SFTP account, please see the section Managing SFTP accounts.

Intended use

Publishers upload on this SFTP server the files and metadata for their publications.

  • Refer to Adding publications by importation for more details about how importation works and about file naming conventions
  • Files can be placed directly in the root directory ( / ), or in a subfolder (named at the user's discretion)
  • Files uploaded by the publisher are deleted as soon as they have been processed by Cantook Hub, whether successfully or unsuccessfully

Report on importation

If the option Generate the report on publication importation is active in the Contact > FTP upload section of the publisher's profile, Cantook Hub generates a log file on the processing carried out on all files received by this organization. Log files are stored as text files in the logs subfolder, and named using the original file name followed by an ok or error extension.