Selections are collections of publications developed and maintained by booksellers. They are accessible throughout the platform, either from the main menu or from the home page.

Booksellers may offer different selections for different markets and libraries.

  • A selection of recommended publications available on the home page.
  • Set of selections that are accessible from the Selections item in the main menu.
  • Each of these selections is accompanied by a short description.

The displayed sections only provide an overview of the different selections; the Show all button provides access to the complete list of titles in each selection. 

Such featured selections can be added to a shopping cart with one click.

  • A selection of books that won a literary award (the list of awards considered is at the discretion of the bookseller and will therefore vary from one bookseller to another).
  • This selection is accessible from the main menu.
  • You can also search for literary award winners using the advanced search.