Connection information

To create, modify or delete your SFTP account, please see the section Managing SFTP accounts.

Intended use

Statistical data

External platforms can upload their statistical sales reports in the stat subfolder. This report is used to declare the sales made by the external platform, and to integrate this data into the Statistics and Analytics tools. Contact your administrator to get the appropriate CSV file template.

This feature does not apply to booksellers in the Booksellers Network.

Financial data

Publishers can upload financial sales reports from external platforms (formats vary from platform to platform) in the irpp subfolder. These reports are processed by the financial system and used in the Accounting > Financial Data sections. As file templates vary from one external platform to another, contact your administrator for information on the templates currently in use.

Files are deleted once they have been processed successfully. If an error occurs (file rejected), they remain on the server and are deleted automatically after 14 days.