Our SFTP servers offer two connection methods:

  • username/password
  • SSH key

Both methods can be activated and used at the same time.

Each SFTP account allows only one password and one SSH key at a time.

Procedures for configuring and editing an SFTP account for Cantook Publishers can be found in the section on managing SFTP accounts.

SFTP connection with username/password

  • Passwords are created automatically by Cantook Publishers. They cannot be chosen by the user.
  • Passwords are only displayed once, immediately after the account has been created or the password has been reset.
  • It is not possible to recover a password after it has been created. Users who have lost or forgotten their password must generate a new one and replace the old one wherever necessary.

SFTP connection with username/SSH key

The following algorithms are supported for SSH key connection:

  • Ed25519 (recommended)
  • RSA