The combination of a username and password required by most online applications and services is becoming, on its own, less and less effective as a security measure. Not only is a password not a proof of your identity but, more critically, it is a one-off verification step. Which means that once your login credentials fall into the hands of a third party, there is nothing to prevent full access to your account.

This is where multi-factor authentication comes in. As its name suggests, it requires additional proof of identity (an "authentication factor") beyond a single password. This additional proof is all the more effective that it is more personal; it can be, for example, information (a secret question), a device (your phone) or even a physical characteristic (your fingerprint) that are unique to you.

Since multi-factor authentication is a proven method of countering identity and data theft, De Marque strongly recommends that all Cantook Hub users enable it to secure their account and data.

Multi-factor authentication in Cantook Hub is done through a temporary one-time code generated by an authentication app. Once installed on one of your devices (smartphone, tablet or computer) and properly configured, this authentication application will provide you with a 6-digit code that will be required to log in to your account on Cantook Hub.

There are several authentication applications. The following applications are available for free on mobile devices or computers:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Authy

Some other password/keychain software can generate temporary one-time codes.

This way, even if an unauthorized person accesses your password, they cannot log into your account, since they cannot provide the unique code generated by your authentication application.

Setting up the authentication application for your Cantook Hub account consists of two simple steps:

  • Add your Cantook Hub account to the authentication application: You use the authentication application to scan a QR code generated by Cantook Hub. This adds Cantook Hub to the list of accounts for which codes are generated by the application.
  • Confirm the configuration of the application for Cantook Hub: This is done by entering a first 6-digit code generated by the autentication application in Cantook Hub.

When multi-factor authentication is enabled, Cantook Hub requires a temporary one-time code at each login. This code may also be required when the session is resumed after a period of inactivity.

If you do not have access to your authentication application and need to log in to Cantook Hub, you can still do so by using one of the recovery codes.