• Choose in the left menu Parameters > Content > Delivery contents.
  • Check the box:
    • Allow downloading
      • Check the box(es) of the file(s) to be sent.
      • Choose a protection to apply:

        • for audio books:

          • LCP;

          • or None;

        • for digital books:
          • watermark;
          • Adobe;
          • Adobe time-stampable,
          • LCP;
          • Adobe and LCP;
          • None.
      • Documentation on Adobe ACS and LCP locks can be found on our help portal. 
      • In Profile > Metadata > Publications options > Security you can change several settings for the digital lock, including the length of time it is sensitive.
      • Specify the number of downloads limit (Example: 3): this option allows you to limit the number of downloads per participant; it does not apply to the leaflet. We recommend that you choose a number greater than 1, as often the user will make a first download as a test without considering himself in ideal reading conditions. 
    • Include PDF and EPUB excerpts.
    • Allow online reading
      • Specify the number of online readings(Example: 3): this option limits the number of online readings per participant; it does not apply to the downloader.
    • Limit access to only one computer per participant
      • Not checking this option makes the delivered publication(s) accessible from multiple reading devices.
  • Click on Save.
  • A banner will appear: Saving completed / The delivery was saved successfully


  • Choose Parameters > Participants in the left-hand menu.

Delivery to some participants

  • Click on the small tab Generate:
    • Enter the number of participants to whom you want to send the publication(s).
    • Click on the Generate button.
    • In the table that appears:
      • Click on Promotional copy.
      • Fill in the name and e-mail address of the target participant.
      • Click on Save.
      • Repeat this process as often as necessary

Delivery to many participants

  • Click on the small Batch tab:
    • Paste into the text box a list of names and email addresses you have, separated by a semicolon (";") or tab.
    • Click on the Import button. 


  • Choose Parameters > Display > Home page from the left-hand menu.
  • In Parameters of the delivery's home page, insert the accompanying text you wish to be read in the Displayed text box. This will be the first thing the recipient sees of the campaign.
  • Click Save.
  • Click on the small tab next to the Home page, Email. This will display the Template of the email sent for the campaign.
  • You can send the template as is or adapt it by clicking on the text field.
  • Click on Save.