Once you have connected the application to a library, you can browse its catalogue.

  1. Tap Browse in the rectangle that contains your library's name in the Catalogues section of the application.
  2. Go to your library's home page.
  3. Navigate through the catalogue from the home page or the Browse menu, or tap the magnifying glass to search by keyword.
  4. Tap on the cover image of a book to access its detailed page.

Your library's home page gives you quick access to the latest releases added to the catalogue, the most popular ebooks, as well as different selections put forward by your library. You can also use the Browse menu's options:

  • Ebooks: Tap to browse the ebook collection.
  • Audiobooks: Tap to browse the audiobook collection.
  • Thematic Selections: Tap to browse and view book selections created by your library.
  • Categories: Tap to browse the different categories of books offered by your library.
  • Available Now: Tap to see only the titles that are currently available among your library's recent additions.

Use the search bar to search the catalogue by keyword. You can use different filters to help you refine your search:

  • Availability
    • All: All the ebooks in the collection, whether they are available or not.
    • Available now: Only the ebooks immediately available for borrowing.
  • Sorting
    • Recent Acquisitions: The latest ebooks added to the library collection, regardless of when they were published.
    • Recent releases: The most recently published books added to the library collection.
  • Language
  • Type of media
    • Ebooks: Show only ebooks, excluding audiobooks.
    • Audiobooks: Show only audiobooks, excluding ebooks.
  • Category:
    • Allows you to select a specific category you would like to explore.

To remove a filter, go back to Filter and deselect the checked filter.

You can read a short excerpt from an ebook, regardless of its availability.

  1. Press the Free Excerpt button.
  2. Press the Read Excerpt button once the download is complete to start reading. You can also access the ebooks excerpts in the Home and My Books sections of the application.

Downloaded excerpts do not have an expiry date. They will remain on your device until you decide to delete them.