Cantook Publishers' SFTP servers are a transitory location for sending content to Cantook Hub or retrieving information from Cantook Hub.

  • Files are taken over by Cantook Hub as soon as their transfer is complete
  • All files are automatically deleted after 14 days
  • Files cannot be sent in several parts (filepart)
  • The FTP client cannot rename a file once it has been uploaded
  • Any file placed by the user in a subfolder named logs (regardless of where the folder is located) is ignored
  • Unlike the SFTP server previously provided by Cantook Publishers, the temp subfolder is subjected to the same rules, so it can no longer be used as a temporary location where files remain unprocessed
  • A folder cannot remain empty; in such case it is deleted as soon as the user logs out

Under no circumstances do the SFTP servers provided by Cantook Publishers constitute a long-term hosting or file storage space.