In Cantook Hub, library offers are the primary means of allocating institutional licences to markets as diverse as public, academic and corporate libraries, as well as school libraries and classroom use.

We have implemented a number of improvements to the definition of library offers, including the possibility to distinguish the specific conditions of these different markets.

Library offer licences

Administrators creating offers in Cantook Hub can now select a licence that covers one, two or a combination of the following markets:

  • Public libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Corporate libraries
  • School libraries
  • Classroom use

The selected licence indicates to booksellers to which market they can present each library offer. As new ONIX tag values are used to represent new markets, further communications are planned, in order to prepare external booksellers to accommodate new licences.

Existing licences

Existing licences of the following types have all been associated with the public, academic and corporate library markets:

  • Dimedia
  • eBOUND
  • Cantook
  • PNB
  • PNB Audio

Existing licences of other types have been allocated to the appropriate markets individually.

A backwards compatibility mode, available only for the combination of public, academic and corporate library markets, ensures that new ONIX tag values representing such markets will not be used, thus avoiding any impact on booksellers who do not currently support them. This mode should only be used on existing licences that are sent to external booksellers.

Prices for school markets

We have extended the price restriction options:

  • to allow publishers to set their publication prices exclusively for the school market;
  • to allow administrators to configure library offers in order to use school prices with school offers.

In the price add or edit screen, the Restrictions: None label has been replaced by Market: Consumer.

New territorial authorisations for Canada

Publishers wishing to do so can now individually select the Canadian provinces in which their offers will be made available.

Custom purchase method

Administrators can now provide a custom purchase method (e.g. "one student”, “90 days", "simultaneous loans", etc.) to be associated with the sales of all products in an offer. This purchase method can then be used for reporting and billing purposes.