The metadata of an online publication is sent to your reseller network even if it is not yet available for sale. The publication will only be added to the reseller's website if all required metadata has been provided. These requirements vary from one reseller to the other.

From the publication list screen, you can:

  • put one or more publications online;
    to put one or more publications offline.

A publication that is Online means that it is available for sale in your retailers network. Offline means the opposite. It is not possible to sell a publication that is offline in the warehouse. This is the surest way to withdraw a publication from sale.

To put your publications online or offline, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Publications tab
  2. Select the desired publication(s) by checking the box to the left, or all publications in the list by checking the box at the top of the list

    You can use the search feature to display only the publications you want.

  3. Click on the gear icon
  4. Select the desired action
  5. Click on the Execute button