Adding a publication

  1. Go into the Publications tab
  2. Click on Add+
  3. Enter the name of the publication title
  4. Click on Save

The new publication will show in the complete list under the Publications tab.

Title of the publication

The title you enter while you create a publication is the one that will be sent to resellers. It is important tant the title is matching what can be found on the cover. If not, some resellers may reject the publication.

Vous can edit at anytime time the title of a publication in the section Metadata > Description.



There are mandatory metadata. Without them, the publication may be rejected by one or many resellers.

When you click on Save, the platform will redirect you to the section Metadata > Formats to continue the editing of the publication. To make sure avoiding any steps, we recommend that you Provide the Metadata in the suggested order.  

You can also see here for an audio title.