New feature: the New Publication wizard

Starting in autumn 2023, we strongly recommend that you use the New Publication wizard to add new titles to your digital catalogue.

Adding a publication

  1. Go to the Publications section
  2. Click on Add+
  3. Enter the publication title
  4. Click Save

The new publication is displayed in the global list under the Publications tab.

Publication title

The title you provide when creating a publication and the title displayed on the cover image must be identical. Resellers may reject a publication and not offer it for sale to their customers if there are significant differences between the two titles.

Vous can edit a publication title at any time, in the section Metadata > Description.


Some metadata are mandatory. Without them, a publication risks being rejected by one or many resellers.

When you click on Save, the platform takes you to the Metadata > Formats section, where you can finish editing the publication's metadata. To ensure that you don't forget any steps, we recommend that you provide the metadata in the suggested order.

You can also edit the metadata of an audiobook.