In Cantook Publishers, library offers are what make it possible to sell publications in different institutional markets on their own terms and conditions, which differ from those of the general public market.

A library offer is a customised set of licence terms and sales conditions, tailored to a specific market, and identified by a unique name in your account. It includes parameters such as the type of licence or market, the lifespan of the copies, the conditions of loan and online consultation, or the prices and countries of sale.

Cantook Publishers' library offerings include licences tailored to the following institutional markets:

  • public libraries
  • corporate libraries
  • academic libraries
  • school libraries
  • classrooms

You can combine some of these markets, for example by creating an offer for the school market only (thus covering both school libraries and classrooms markets).

The implementation of a library offer requires three distinct steps.

  1. An administrator first activates the library offers functionality for a publisher.
  2. The publisher can then create, set up and delete offers.
  3. Finally, the publisher can link these offers to publications in their catalogue.

Procedures related to library offers

Licences managed by Cantook Publishers

SOGANEL (Quebec)

The SOGANEL licence corresponds to the model historically chosen by ANEL member publishers to sell digital books in Quebec and reflects the model used for printed books:

  • 55 loans
  • no simultaneous loans
  • price equivalent to the general public price

Cantook issues the value SOGANEL as the licence name.

The SOGANEL licence normally provides fixed parameters of use. When this licence is selected in Hub, the fields cannot be changed. Cantook transmits, via the ONIX flow, the appropriate lending and usage rights for the licence (number of simultaneous loans, duration of the offer in number of loans) in addition to its name.

Products and prices are created automatically for all the publisher's publications; no further action is required.

Dimédia (Quebec and Europe)

Cantook issues the value DIMEDIA as the licence name.

PNB 04 (Europe)

You'll find a description of the project "Prêt numérique en bibliothèque" (PNB) here:

Cantook issues the value PNBONLINE04 as the licence name.

The GNP 04 licence provides for variable usage parameters from one product to another. Cantook therefore issues the values for each of the loan and usage rights that apply to the product.

The ONIX feeds in the platform contain information that describes the licence applied to a publication, and the usage parameters of the works that result from the licence. The licence parameters may be fixed (and then it is up to the systems consuming the feeds to decide whether to process and store them), or may vary (in which case it is mandatory to process them). We recommend always storing and processing the parameters.