When you try to open a publication in Aldiko version 4 that you downloaded using a previous version, you may receive the following error message:

"This publication cannot be opened because it is protected with Adobe DRM."

The new version of Aldiko uses a different copy protection method than Adobe's, which was used by the previous versions. In order to open your publication in version 4, you simply need to download it again, as described below.

1. Delete the publication file that you can no longer open:

  • Go to My Books.
  • Long press on the cover image of the publication you want to delete.
  • Tap the Delete option.

2. Re-download the publication:

  • Go to the application Home page.
  • Find the publication among the current loans in your library account, or among the purchases made with your Feedbooks/Aldiko account.
  • If the publication is there, tap its cover image and download it back to your device. It should then open without any problem in Aldiko 4, so you can carry on reading. 

3. If the publication cannot be found on the application Home page:

  • Any publication that you have not purchased through Feedbooks/Aldiko or borrowed from a library will not be displayed on the Aldiko version 4 Home page.
  • Unfortunately, this means that you will have to use another application than Aldiko, with an Adobe account. Although we don't have any partnerships with other applications, we can recommend PocketBook Reader, for example.